Welcome to Unhealth Freak

This blog is a portal into the true outcomes of those ‘fad’ diets. It is time to truly see what the effects of some of the most hard to complete, emotionally challanging and health detrimental diets actually do to your body.

Do they work? How much can you loose? Will I become ill? Will I die?

These are some of the questions many of us ask when we read these fairytale weight loss regimes or diets.

The most basic fact, obviously there are more intricate details involved, but the real basic fact about the human body is that no matter what you do during a day it burns calories, it burns your BMR, Base Metabolic Rate. This is the amount of calories you burn during a day from being completely at rest, through the mind thinking, the heart beating, the blood rushing through you veins and your lungs breathing etc.

For most people this on average around 2000 calories for an adult. Please feel free to visit the following website to gain an approximation of your BMR rate as an indication to what your body burns at rest:


Energy is constant, well scientist say it is, me on the other hand I am no scientist so I’ll take their word for it! But using this theory, it is simple to know for a fact that the body has to receive the BMR amount of calories a day in order to remain at a constant. i.e. if you have a BMR of 2000 calories you would have to consume bang on 2000 calories a day to maintain your weight exactly as it is. If you consume more than 2000 you will gain weight, either muscle or fat dependant on your exercise programme, and the same if you were to consume less than 2000 calories the opposite happens, you would loose weight, a mixture of fat and muscle.

But what happens if you ate 0 calories? If you completely fasted, by this I mean ate nothing, consumed only water, black tea, green tea, black coffee and a mixture of multivitamin pills. Would you survive? Would you become ill? Would you even loose weight? This is the first unhealthly option this blog will investigate, using myself, Leo Brown, as its voluntary test subject.

If it is as simple as the basic notion I mentioned above, I should loose weight and fast. Let’s put this to the test.

My stats at day 0 (21st January 2018):

Height 6ft 2inches

Weight: 269lbs




Please note that none of this should be tried at home. I have spent many years trying a whole variety of diets and pushed my body to extremes and have gained weight to reloose to try different diets to quell remours and expose lies. I personally know the limits of my body far better than any medical professional and regurlarly perform self check ups as well as visiting private medical professional bi-weekly for full medicals to check they agree with mine. DO NOT try any of these methods unless under strict medical supervision or have been advised to do so, as these can result in serious harm to the human body and even death in extreme circumstances. This blog is here to try them so you don’t have to.