Day 2 of 50, Water Fast.

The second day is over hurrah! A full complete 48hours and more of no food. Only consuming multivitamin tablets, green tea, black tea, black coffee and several litres of water.

Today I noticed the hunger, it hit me at precisely 13:10, my stomach was crying out for food, however I resisted the cravings, with them subsiding away around 20minutes later, and they haven’t returned since, I believe the emotional hunger has now subsided, with my brain realising it doesn’t need the food it just craves it because we have addicted it to eating 3times a day at regular intervals. This I believe is also proven through the fact that my hunger came and went around the times that I would usually eat within, such as 8am, 1pm and 8pm. This to me proved that it was the mind wanting rather than needing food otherwise there would be a more constant hunger apparent at different time periods throughout the day.

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Day One

So officially I have fasted from 21st January 2018 at 10pm until now. However I actually classifying my fast starting from 00:00 on 22nd January 2018. This means I am now officially one day through without any food, in this period I have only consumed my mixture of 3multivitamin pills, a shed load of water (about 4litres every 24hrs), several cups of black coffee, black tea and green tea.

I will update every day with the effects I am feeling, how it is going, the emotional states that I enter, every detail possible to give a true reflection of how the 50day ‘water’ fast is going.

The plan is to continue the fast for 50 consecutive 24hour periods, 50 consecutive days. This will involve a weigh in at periods of 5days, then 2 days. This means every Monday and Friday morning. I will display these figures on this blog and inform you of my progress.

Throughout the process I will inform you of different medical research and ideas surrounding short term and long term fasts and how they work on the body, I will provide some insight into my thoughts and ideas on weight loss and tips I can provide for sticking to a programme.

I would like to express now that if at any point through this fast I start to feel unwell or have any serious adverse side effects I will break the fast and consume a small amount of liquidated food. Although I am experienced in dieting, I am not a fool nor an idiot, there is no point losing weight if you’re dead or gravely ill as a result.

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