Fasting? Won’t the weight pile back on afterwards?

So 50 days without food. Aren’t you just going to pile weight back on when you finish? Surely body will store all the food you eat and you will just gain it all back on?

This is what I believe to be the most common misconception within a question that I get asked. The short answer is yes and no. If I broke the fast at any day including day 50 and went on an absolute binge eating session then yes, obviously this is the case, however that’s only because I have consumed more calories than my BMR. Continue reading “Fasting? Won’t the weight pile back on afterwards?”

Day One

So officially I have fasted from 21st January 2018 at 10pm until now. However I actually classifying my fast starting from 00:00 on 22nd January 2018. This means I am now officially one day through without any food, in this period I have only consumed my mixture of 3multivitamin pills, a shed load of water (about 4litres every 24hrs), several cups of black coffee, black tea and green tea.

I will update every day with the effects I am feeling, how it is going, the emotional states that I enter, every detail possible to give a true reflection of how the 50day ‘water’ fast is going.

The plan is to continue the fast for 50 consecutive 24hour periods, 50 consecutive days. This will involve a weigh in at periods of 5days, then 2 days. This means every Monday and Friday morning. I will display these figures on this blog and inform you of my progress.

Throughout the process I will inform you of different medical research and ideas surrounding short term and long term fasts and how they work on the body, I will provide some insight into my thoughts and ideas on weight loss and tips I can provide for sticking to a programme.

I would like to express now that if at any point through this fast I start to feel unwell or have any serious adverse side effects I will break the fast and consume a small amount of liquidated food. Although I am experienced in dieting, I am not a fool nor an idiot, there is no point losing weight if you’re dead or gravely ill as a result.

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