Day 2 of 50, Water Fast.

The second day is over hurrah! A full complete 48hours and more of no food. Only consuming multivitamin tablets, green tea, black tea, black coffee and several litres of water.

Today I noticed the hunger, it hit me at precisely 13:10, my stomach was crying out for food, however I resisted the cravings, with them subsiding away around 20minutes later, and they haven’t returned since, I believe the emotional hunger has now subsided, with my brain realising it doesn’t need the food it just craves it because we have addicted it to eating 3times a day at regular intervals. This I believe is also proven through the fact that my hunger came and went around the times that I would usually eat within, such as 8am, 1pm and 8pm. This to me proved that it was the mind wanting rather than needing food otherwise there would be a more constant hunger apparent at different time periods throughout the day.

It wasn’t until 20:00 that my first and most likely last bowel movement since the start of the fast took place, although through research I’ve uncovered around the day 14mark the colon decides it doesn’t want to hold on to any of the waste that is lurking about and orders an emergency evacuation. I have decided not use any form of relief for this matter and to let my body naturally clear itself out as part of the natural detox.

My urine is often a light straw colour and smells sickly sweet, this is most likely a sign that I have entered in to high levels of ketosis. The cramps started at 20:00 on day two, which is the sign of the last ditch effort by the body to use all its remaining stored glucose in the water stored within muscles. I plan to get some Ketone dip sticks later this week to monitor my ketone levels, although I would expect there to be a higher than average concentration in my blood stream.

Tiredness, well lack off it. It seems counterintuitive, I’m starving the body of fuel, yet it has more energy than usual. When you think of it like that it seems strange, but is it really? When on the main form of energy, glucose through the processing of carbs, the body peaks and troughs on its energy levels, therefore after you last meal and by the time you’re ready to go to bed you are likely to have less amounts of glucose an energy readily available, hence the tiredness. Now imagine you swap to ketosis like I will have done, this is where the body uses fat to produce energy as its first choice, I cannot control the supply of fat like I can food, therefore my body literally has a 24hr constant supply of fuel to make energy through the fat stores. This would provide an insight into why I don’t need sleep as much, it’s purely because I’m constantly ‘feeding’ and creating energy. Instead of going to bed at 9/10pm, I’m now asleep at 12am/1am, and then feel refreshed and ready to start the day again at 5:45am instead of 6:30am, a total reduction of 3:45hours worth of sleep and an increase in energy.

Weight, have I lost any? I’m not sure yet, week 1 brings with it the most uncertain weigh in, due to the removal of glucose and water from the muscles I expect a massive drop in weight due to the removal of water. I’m only going to weigh in twice a week, once after the weekdays and once after the weekend. This is to allow myself not to become obsessed with the numbers, I find a weekly weigh in turns into bi weekly, bi weekly to daily, daily to twice a day. Therefore I’m restricting myself to twice to provide a sufficient data source to be obtained.

Am I hungry? No. I feel bloated, not sickly bloated, but just full, like my stomach is full of air. It feels good, no more am I stuck with the horrible feeling of eating far too much after food, when you not sure if you need to vomit or burp, it’s a relief.

So far fasting on the end of day 2/start of day 3 seems positive. There have been no adverse side effects apart from the expected cramping, no headaches, no ailments and no lack of energy. Although I’m feeling euphoric for now, I don’t expect that to last for long. Surely there must be a point where my body hits ‘the wall’ and becomes tired and ill, I’m expecting this past the ten day mark, however we’ll wait to see.

Stay tuned later for my extract on Autophagy, this is a natural process that will be taking part in my body, this is linked to helping with multiple diseases ailments and generally counts towards a total body reset.



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