Background: Introduction to Leo

So what is my background? This is what a lot of people will want to know. What have I done that makes me qualified to do this. What experience do I have with weight loss? Have I ever been actually fat?

Firstly I’d like to highlight there’s a difference between feeling fat and being fat. Models, fitness fanatics and normal people make a joke of what is actually perceived as being fat. Those who say they want to loose a stone make me laugh. Try needing to loose 3, 5 or even 11 as I once did. They are the ones who have brought about the ‘fad’ diets. Those looking for quick easy ways to loose a small amount of weight. Those without the moral compass to see they’ve brought about the body conscious world we live in, which everyone has played a part of.

I do not condone being overweight, in fact I personally think it’s horrible, and that’s from my experience alone. We should not be promoting it by any means, these people who make a massive song and dance about being overweight and say they love their bodies and other people should do the same, basically saying they should not loose weight, they cause further problems in today’s world. I don’t care what a person looks like, to me they’re the same person inside whatever their appearance and that’s what matters. However being overweight causes significant health problems, increased risks of strokes, heart disease, reduced immune system effectiveness, increased risk of diabetes, problems walking, increased spending due to requiring more food, and an increase in the amount of money the state has to provide to look after the average overweight person who visits the healthcare system due to their increased problems. It’s not a case of being body concious or positive, it’s a case of being able to walk your dog, spending and saving money on the right things, pushing your child’s pram for their first walk, making it through to watch your child’s wedding, being alive for the birth of your first grandchild. I believe everyone should be happy as they are, and no one should judge, however if you want to live a happy healthy life with no problems, then being a normal weight can help towards that (obviously there are conditions that affect the human body that aren’t weight related).

Now to my experience, I once clocked in at 325lbs. I remember that morning waking up and being shocked, where had this come from? How could I let myself get this far? The feeling I felt was disgusting, a sickly feeling, and I knew I had to do something.

I started working out (cardio only) and embarked on a Keto diet. And I rapidly lost 148lbs in the space of 8months. Healthy or not I felt the best I’ve ever felt in those 8months and the health benefits of being 148lbs slimmer outweighed the negative effects of loosing an average of 5lbs a week.

After I stopped and slowly reintroduced myself on to a normal diet I felt like something was missing. A major part of my life had gone. This was when I started experimenting with ‘fad diets’ allowing myself to gain 5stone a time and then using a fad diet to loose it, or if it didn’t work doing the good old fashioned exercise and eating less method.

So to sum I’m a veteran dieter, I do this as a hobby. I’ve created about 25 journals detailing my experiences on a variety of diets, the benefits of each, and the negatives of each. This is the first I’m putting into electronic format, with day by day updates.

50 days. 50 days without food. It seems impossible for most. It’s time for a no nonsense truthful account of what actually happens when you fast for long periods of times.

Please feel free at any point during this programme to leave me comments, send me questions or anything, I’m always willing to speak to people.


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